Marcus Goldson: Bringababe. Art print A3

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The artist Marcus Goldson was born and raised in Kenya, from british parents. He started his art carrier as a sculptor, but than he started using water color and occasionally oil by the time he moved to Budapest in 1993. He was inspired by the artists .M.W. Turner, David Roberts, Winslow Homer and John Singer Sargent.

"I moved to Budapest in 1993 and as a foreign artist in a foreign country I obviously became interested in depicting the things I found different about the place. I pay a lot of attention to details in my Budapest pictures, because it is important to the narrative of the picture. A lot of places can generally look much the same as another, but if you put in details that are specific to the place, like people’s clothing, street signs, brands of cigarette, moustache styles, cafe etiquette etc. then you get a more complete picture and it shows a specific place at a specific time." - wrote Goldson in his website.

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A3 42 x 30 cm