happy croissant

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Strawberry muesli or a croissant, Lilly? Tina Roeder was inspired by children and the habits of friends for her Happy Porcelain design, a series of fine bowls for breakfast and more.

‘It all began when I saw kids playing with sand in a playground. I kept wondering what stories they’d come up with, only equipped with three or four moulds. A child’s imagination is open, not restricted yet, I value that. The set of bowls I designed is about the individual habits I observed with friends. For instance, the girls’ face bowl is inspired by my friend Daphne. When we sometimes had breakfast together in Antwerp, Daphne would have a completely healthy breakfast, muesli and fresh fruits and so on, and suddenly finish it off with one or two rich Belgian pralines. I just loved the illogic of it and wanted to capture that habit by adding a tiny praline bowl to my set. Another friend rarely uses things the way they’re supposed to be used, I like that idea.’

white porcelain
17 x 11,5 x H 4 cm